About Us

The idea of AmrampCARES was born out of a 16-year partnership with RampsRVA, a 501c(3) nonprofit in Richmond, Virginia, and Amramp, LLC., a nationwide franchise system that provides mobility equipment, including modular ramps. They provide free wheelchair ramps to those at or near the poverty line and have mobility issues making it difficult or impossible to get in and out of their homes.

Over those 16 years, many other communities have asked for similar services. At the same time, Amramp, LLC. franchises regularly see people who need ramps but are unable to afford them. Given the clear need for this service, Amramp LLC.’s leadership funded the creation of our nonprofit organization, AmrampCARES.  

Our unique model allows rapid yet regulated growth nationwide with minimal investment. By utilizing existing Amramp, LLC. franchisees, we eliminate the overhead usually associated with national expansion. Local advisory councils are created to help steward community resources and leverage the existing human service agencies.