Amramp Accessibility’s non-profit partner, AmrampCARES, multiplies the difference we make in our communities by helping everyone attain accessibility, including people at or near the poverty line. I spent the early part of my ten years at Amramp Accessibility learning from our Founder and my father, Julian Gordon, about the importance of being a good citizen and helping everyone we can. That is what we’ve done—giving away a few ramps per year when we could because we wanted to help our fellow people in need but couldn’t sustainably give away more.

When I became CEO of Amramp Accessibility, I wanted to continue my father’s mission to help everyone, and I recognized we couldn’t do that alone. In 2023, I founded AmrampCARES to make that more significant difference with your help. We’re honored to have earned 501(c)(3) status in March 2023. Now, through AmrampCARES, with YOUR help and partnership, we can make ALL the difference. Amramp Accessibility can make a small difference by giving away a few ramps per year, and with your help, we can provide ramps for hundreds of people per year through AmrampCARES to make ALL the difference. 

To be successful in helping hundreds of people across the country and in Canada, I knew we needed to innovate.  We have developed a groundbreaking new model for delivering our services. Instead of hiring an executive director and fund development specialist, along with renting facilities for each new location, we utilize existing Amramp Accessibility franchisees. We eliminate all overhead usually associated with national expansion. We then create local advisory councils to help steward community resources and leverage the existing human service agencies in each community.

This innovative model has the power for us to go from serving few, to ALL. The only thing missing is you. When you partner with AmrampCARES, the full power of the community is brought to bare helping to connect those who have lost mobility back to their communities.

Thank you for your help and support. Together, we can make all the difference.

-Justin Gordon, Board President, AmrampCARES



Justin Gordon Headshot
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