The squeaky wheel gets the oil. A great way to help our cause is by bringing awareness to it! We have some ideas below to help get the message across.

Contact your local representatives about the issue. You can find out who your local representative is from this website.

Too ambitious? Start small! Look around your neighborhood or your workplace or school. Can you identify potential barriers?

Some people are under the impression that accessibility modifications are only for those it specifically targets (i.e. those who use scooters or wheelchairs or have other mobility struggles). For those people, the below points might help them see the bigger picture:

An accessible world is a better world. When you make places more accessible for one group of people, you generally make it more accessible for other groups of people as well.

For example, captions help those who are deaf or hard of hearing understand what is going on. It could also help those with auditory processing disorders help by providing another means of receiving the information.

Ramps and sidewalk curbs are incredibly important. Yes, it helps those in scooters and wheelchairs, it also helps people with suitcases, crutches, people pushing grocery carts, people pushing baby strollers and so many more people.

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