Gladys had no safe way to get in and out of her apartment for over a year and a half!

Luckily with the generous support of South Shore Bank and their wonderful volunteers, AmrampCARES was able to provide Gladys with a ramp! It was all hands on deck. AmrampCARES and the volunteers from South Shore Bank were able to get Gladys a new ramp up in one day.

The South Shore Bank team had a blast learning how to build a ramp and interacting with their coworkers in other departments. Not only was it a great team-building experience for them, it was also a very moving experience.

It’s one thing to know you’re helping someone in need, it’s another thing entirely to actually see how much it means to that person in need. They were able to witness in real-time the overwhelming joy Gladys had for being able to attain a basic need that so many of us take for granted.

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