With her husband Matthew in a nursing home due to loss of mobility and other health issues, Linda Daniels was trying frantically to have a wheelchair ramp installed before Christmas so he could come home.

He was not allowed to be discharge until the ramp was built. She was at her wit’s end and had lost hope. 


Until she found AmrampCARES, a nonprofit that provides free wheelchair ramps to those at or near the federal poverty level.

Within a few days of applying, the Daniels had their ramp, and on Dec. 7, 2022, Matthew came home.

The family had a wonderful Christmas together. Sadly, a few months after he came home, Mr. Daniels died from his illness.

His family is forever grateful that he could pass in the home he had spent decades raising his family.

Because of our unique modular steel ramp design, the ramp was then given to another family in need.

Your donation continues to give hope to new families for decades to come.

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